When you log into EasyInvoice for the first time, you will see some predefined sample business data that you can play around with to see how EasyInvoice works.

Getting Started Video

Add Your Business

  1. To create your own business, tap on the SampleCo at the top of the screen, and choose Add New Business.
  2. On the New Business screen, fill out your business info, such as business name, type, industry, and so on. You can also upload your logo, signature, set your sales tax details, and disable stock quantity tracking or keep it on.
  3. Click Save. After you have saved your business, you can switch to it from the top menu.

Add Your First Customer

  1. Go to the Customers tab and tap Add customer button.
  2. On the New Customer screen, enter all the details from the business name to invoicing and payment info. If your mobile device has permission to access your Contacts list, the customer info will fill out automatically.
  3. Optionally, you can also add Notes. Any notes that you add are only for your own reference and will not show up on your documents.
  4. Your customer will now appear on the Customer list.

Products and Services

You only have to create a product or a service item once. After you create it, you can add your products and services to invoices as many times as you need.

Add Your Products

  1. Go to the More tab and Tap the “+” icon in the right bottom or Add Stock Product button.
  2. On the New Product screen, create a name for your product in the Name input. You can also add a Description below. If the Description field is left blank, it will automatically fill out with the product name.
  3. Under Financial Info, define the Default GST Rate and Default PST Rate.
  4. In the Product Stock section, define the stock quantity and valuation. That’s also where you can set low-stock alerts if the number of your products goes down to a certain number of items.
  5. Pricing levels let you individually adjust the price of an item up or down. For example, if you want to discount items by 10 percent for a customer, you can easily do this by using a price level to knock the price down by 10 percent when invoicing a customer.
  6. To add a Pricing Level, tap the ‘+’ icon, and set the number of units and the price.
  7. Switch On/Off the Active toggle button
  8. Your product will now appear on the products list.

Add Your Services

  1. To create a Service item, go to the More tab section and select the Services tab.
  2. Tap on Add Service button
  3. On the New Service screen, create a name for your service in the Name field. You can also add a Description below.
  4. Define the Default GST Rate and Default PST Rate.
  5. Next, enter the Quantity and the price of the service under Selling Price (excluding tax).
  6. Switch On/Off the Active toggle button
  7. Your service will now appear on the Service list.

Create and Send An Invoice

  1. Tap the Add Invoice button either on the Home page or on Invoices.
  2. The New invoice screen will open up. Start with the General info section. Tap on the Customer field to choose a customer from the list or add a new one by tapping on the + icon at the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap the + icon to add items. Just start typing the item name in the input – saved items will appear in the dropdown, but you can also add a one-time item. Next, change the quantity and price below. Tap Discount if you wish to add a discount and specify its value. Tap Save.
  4. Switching on the Fully Paid option will mark it as paid. The Receive Payment option lets you add a deposit or a partial payment. Add a Purchase Order number if you have one.
  5. Tap Save.
  6. You can now send your invoice via email, text, Bluetooth, or social media.

How to customize an invoice

From the “Home screen”, tap on the Settings icon in the top-right corner. Then, go to the Business tab and select the business you want to edit the invoice template for. On the next screen, you will see all the business info. Scroll down a little to the Invoices section and tap on “Customize template”.

You can change your invoice template’s layout, its colours, and its name. When you’ve chosen an option you like, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Apply button. When you’re happy with the colours and layout, hit Save, at the bottom, to keep this new template as part of your settings. Now all your invoices for this business will look like this template you created.

Start Getting Paid

It doesn’t matter how many payments you expect to receive in a week, month, or quarter – we’ve got you covered. With EasyInvoice, you can get paid for your work faster. The faster you send out invoices requesting payment for your work, the quicker you’ll get paid. On top of that, you get a clear overview of all your finances – deposits, partial and full payments, issue refunds, and credit notes.

  1. You get a clear summary of paid and unpaid invoices.
  2. Handle all transactions.
  3. You can track how much sales tax (or VAT, or GST) you collect (on the web app).

Add Other Users

In EasyInvoice, you can share your business with other users by inviting them to your account. Each user can have a different role with different permissions.

How to Invite a Team Member on Desktop

To add a team member to your business in EasyInvoice, follow the steps below:

  1. From the top menu, click on the tab with the name of your business to expand the menu.
  2. Click on the pencil icon to open the Edit Business screen.
  3. Go to the Share tab.
  4. Click the Add Role button.
  5. Select the role you want to assign.
  6. Fill out the fields with the user contact details, such as first name, last name and email.
  7. Click Send.
  8. The user will receive an email with instructions to join your account.
  9. Once the invitation has been sent, you can track its status to see if the recipient has accepted it.


If you want to share your business with someone when using the mobile app, make sure to download the EasyInvoice from the App Store or Google Play and login with your credentials. The download is free.

Removing Team Members

In case you change your mind, you can remove users from your account at any time. To do that, simply click „Remove” in the SHARE tab, They will still be able to log into their EasyInvoice account, but won’t have access to your business.

Roles and Permissions

A Role determines what kind of actions a user can or cannot do in EasyInvoice. 

There are four Roles: Account owner, Account Co-owner, Accounting Admin, and Sales Representative. We’ve outlined the permissions for each role below.


Enter your business details


Add your first customer.


Set up stock or products.


Create your first invoice.


Start sending invoices.


Start getting paid.


Add your team members.


Run your business.

FAQs View all
How can I get support if I need help using EasyInvoice? Show

If you need help, we have several options to meet your needs. Visit our Knowledge Center for tutorials and how-to articles. Or check out our video tutorials that cover the most frequently used EasyInvoice features. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If you need help on the web version click on the blue Need Help button on the right hand side of the screen.

How many businesses can I have? Show

You can have up to 3 businesses with each subscription.

How many devices can I have? Show

You can have as many iOS, Android, Windows or Mac devices as you need to run your business. An example might be to use a device for a salesperson to invoice orders whilst with a client. Another might be for your bookkeeper to create reports in his office. Each device can have full access and update capability, or restricted abilities depending on the function you assign to them – See FAQ 11 for instructions on how to register and use new devices. Also, see Add other Users, which explains how to share EasyInvoice with colleagues.

How many invoices and estimates can I create? Show

You will have unlimited transactions for anything in EasyInvoice.

Can I share my business data with my partner, salesperson or accountant? Show

You can share specific businesses with up to 6 other users. This may be useful for sharing your business with your accountant or a business partner to specify what they can see, and whether they are able to add-to or edit business transactions. See Sharing for details about how to do this.

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